At Strategic Systems, we are proud of the team that carries our vision through each and every day. Whether it be our Managed IT Services, our Backup and Disaster Recovery, or our VoIP services, we understand that our team members are an integral part of who we are and what we do. Without them we wouldn’t be able to provide our stellar levels of service. Therefore, we wanted to introduce them and let them say in their own words what makes them tick.

Our Team of Raleigh IT Pros

Matt Slavis

Matt from Our Managed IT Experts at Strategic SystemsMatt is our Director of IT Solutions here at Strategic Systems. That means that if something goes wrong with your managed IT services or any other service, he will be aiding and directing the response to make sure that your company gets back on track with a minimum of fuss and confusion. Of course, what he does for us is just part of what makes Matt Matt:

Fun Facts About Matt

  • He is an avid reader who alternates between science fiction (Asimov, Heinlein) and management (Collins, Gladwell, Godin)
  • He got his first computer in the early 1980s: a TI-99/4A. It used a cassette deck to save and load programs. He dreamed of owning floppy disk drive like the one Matthew Broderick used in WarGames!

Work Facts About Matt

  • 2017 is his 20th year working as an IT professional
  • He has passed over 30 individual IT Certification exams

Background Facts About Matt

  • He grew up in Illinois and upstate New York
  • He will gladly give up all technology for a day at the beach

Brent Bethel

Brent from Our Managed IT Experts at Strategic SystemsBrent is the lead salesman for our IT Solutions department here at Strategic Systems, and we are glad to have him! He helps make sure that all of our IT offerings are running well and that your company never goes without the coverage it needs. We’re also proud that he served our country in the US Army before joining us at Strategic Systems!

Fun Facts About Brent

  • He was an Army Paratrooper and has willingly jumped out of a perfectly good airplane on more than one occasion!
  • He has a long-standing fascination with the internet, and he built an HTML website aged 12 featuring biographies of his favorite Oakland Athletics baseball players. Unfortunately, the website hasn’t had a visitor in a number of years.

Work Facts About Brent

  • He completed two tours of duty in support of Operation Enduring Freedom
  • His first paid job was assembling In-N-Out Burgers

Background Facts About Brent

  • He grew up in the San Francisco Bay area of California. Maybe that’s where he got his love of the internet!

Kirsten Billings

Kirsten from Our Managed IT Experts at Strategic SystemsKirsten is a Sales and Event Assistant here with us at Strategic Systems. She makes sure that everything is running smoothly and that we all get everything done. It also means that she’s often out and about helping us get new business and new venues to promote our family and values here at Strategic Systems. We’re very lucky to have her as an important part of our team!

Fun Facts About Kirsten

  • She enjoys spending free weekends traveling to and exploring new cities
  • She is a self-described “crazy cat mom” to her fluffy kitten, Cashew
  • She could watch The Santa Clause and Titanic every day without getting sick of either of them

Work Facts About Kirsten

  • From age 15 until now she’s always worked in customer service, and loves working with people!
  • Her engineer-minded husband got her interested in technology, and now she works with a tech team every day.
  • She loves that Instagram is part of her job (and it makes her laugh).

Background Facts About Kirsten

  • Kirsten is a proud graduate of North Carolina State University
  • She was born and raised in NC, but her family moving gives her the ability to claim Myrtle Beach as her second home

Our Managed IT Experts at Strategic Systems Our Managed IT Experts at Strategic Systems