Your entire technological infrastructure, from your communication system to your security, relies on having hardware that can keep up with your business needs. Having hardware management, or hardware asset management strategy, in place is essential when you need a trusted source to reach out to when you need repairs, but we can also help you plan out your replacement schedule, get better value from your equipment, and not be caught off guard by outdated equipment.

Businesses and organizations in and around Raleigh have turned to us since 1992 as their trusted source of managed IT support, and we offer comprehensive hardware management solutions.


While your operating systems and software programs may be the “nervous system” of your IT infrastructure, your computers are the skeleton. Without a reliable, up-to-date computer that is capable of running your programs and able to support the latest updates in network security, you could lose productivity and leave your business susceptible to data breaches. 

Much of hardware management does focus on the computers solely because they are typically the largest investment as well as being the integral center of your IT. That’s why we’re there when you need us with repairs, updates, and assistance in replacement. 

Cables & Cabling

Having a snarl of cords and cables from your computers, peripherals, and phones is an unattractive mess that makes it impossible to efficiently make repairs or expand your network. Our structured cabling services connect you with the right cables that offer you the fastest performance and clearest, most reliable communication while also creating a structure that keeps your cables neat and organized by running them through ceilings and closets. This laid out is the foundation of your network and phone system.


While so much of our work is digital, copiers are still an essential part of your IT equipment inventory. As a division of CEI, we can help you determine which copier is right for your business. Additionally, we will be there for regular maintenance to make ownership of your copier easy and effortless. 

Printers & Fax Machines

While many of our printers offer copy and fax capabilities, many businesses prefer to have separate equipment. Just like with your printer, our team is available to help you purchase the right printer or fax machine as well as provide you with regular inspections and upkeep to extend their lifespan.

Routers and Modems

The router and modem you use for your organization is responsible for ensuring you and your team can go online easily. Your router is what connects the computers and devices within your organization, creating your network, while your modem connects that network to the internet. We will make sure you have routers and modems that allow for growth, offer reliable connectivity, and will be there when you need us with repairs and help desk support. 

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At Strategic Systems, a division of CEI, we believe in helping businesses and organizations around Raleigh succeed by ensuring they have the IT support and communication infrastructure they need to not only maintain operations, but scale to growth. As your partner in hardware management, we will help you choose equipment that has what you need to perform at your best while minimizing your costs, and with our regular upkeep and help desk support and on-site repairs, you can feel confident that you can always stay connected to your clients when they need you. To learn more about our services and how we can help, reach out to us today at (919) 783-1410 or fill out the contact form below.

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